Two Aussies Doing Cool Things: Stew Adams & Mandon Bossi of Yakuru Health

Two Aussies Doing Cool Things: Stew Adams & Mandon Bossi of Yakuru Health

In the vast landscape of entrepreneurs and innovators, Stew Adams and Mandon Bossi stand out—not just for their Australian roots but for their adventurous spirits, ambitious goals, and the unique paths that led them to co-found YakuruHealth. These two aren’t your average business founders; they’re embodiments of the adventurous Aussie spirit, living life to the fullest and tackling the health and wellness industry with a fresh perspective.

Stew Adams: The Aussie with a Passion for Performance

Stew Adams’s life story is a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity and channeling personal experiences into a force for good. Growing up with the challenges of family health issues, Stew didn’t just aim to navigate these obstacles; he sought to leap over them, transforming his struggles into strengths. His sporting career in rugby and love for CrossFit highlight his dedication to pushing the human body to its limits, while his battle with anxiety and depression underscores his commitment to mental wellness. Stew’s Aussie resilience shines through in YakuruHealth, where his passion for biohacking and human performance enhancement finds a home.

Mandon Bossi: From the AFL Fields to the Slopes of Utah

Mandon Bossi’s journey is equally compelling. An ex-Australian Football League (AFL) player, Mandon swapped the footy oval for the mountains and deserts of Utah. His passion for skiing, kite surfing, and mountain biking showcases his love for adrenaline and the great outdoors. But Mandon isn’t just about sports; he’s spent nearly a decade in the cannabis business, exploring its potential for wellness and therapy. This blend of athletic prowess, business acumen, and a deep understanding of holistic health practices makes Mandon an invaluable co-founder of YakuruHealth.

A Partnership Forged in Adventure and Wellness

When Stew and Mandon joined forces to create YakuruHealth, they brought together more than just their business ideas; they combined their life’s passions, experiences, and a shared belief in the power of holistic wellness. Stew’s journey from the sports fields of Australia to battling personal health challenges complements Mandon’s transition from AFL excitement to exploring the health benefits of cannabis and embracing the adventurous lifestyle of Utah.


Their collaboration is a testament to the idea that wellness isn’t just about avoiding sickness; it’s about thriving, exploring, and making the most out of every opportunity. YakuruHealth is their vehicle for sharing this philosophy with the world, offering products and insights that reflect their adventurous spirits and holistic health perspectives.


Living the Dream, Aussie Style


Stew and Mandon embody the Australian ethos of giving everything a go, living life to the fullest, and never backing down from a challenge. Whether it’s tackling the snowy slopes, riding the waves, or navigating the complexities of the health and wellness industry, these two Aussies are all about doing cool things. Their journey from the rugged terrains of Australia and the competitive arenas of sports to the boardrooms of YakuruHealth illustrates a commitment to excellence, adventure, and the pursuit of wellness.


YakuruHealth is more than a company; it’s a reflection of its founders’ lifestyles and beliefs. It’s about pushing boundaries, whether in the gym, on a mountain bike trail, or in developing innovative health solutions. Stew and Mandon are not just business partners; they’re adventurers at heart, exploring the vast potential of the human body and mind, and inviting us all to join them on this remarkable journey.


So, if you’re looking for inspiration to tackle your health goals with the spirit of an Aussie adventurer, look no further than Stew Adams and Mandon Bossi. They’re two cool Aussies, doing cool things, and changing the world of health and wellness—one biohack, one ski slope, and one kite surf at a time.


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